Early Vacation of Seats: Two New Mexican Senators Resign Early

 John Arthur Smith and Richard Martinez (a colleague of John Arthur Smith) have resigned before the end of their term. Both of them have served for a long time and in the Primary Election held in June, they did not win. Out of the five incumbent Senate Democrats, John Arthur Smith and Richard Martinez were two and now, will leave the office before the actual ending of their term.

 John Arthur Smith

Having been the chairman of the influential Senate Finance Committee and who has also served for eight long years, John Arthur Smith, Senator of the Democratic State has decided to retire a month before his actual retirement date. He has stated that he has taken this decision because he wants to depart from the legislative life and spend more of his time with his family. Smith has given 32 wholesome years to the Senate and is now retiring to give time to his loved ones. He announced the news of his retirement on Tuesday.

Richard Martinez

 Richard Martinez, also a Democratic State Senator has served in the Senate for around 20 long years and he states that he is leaving his service with a heavy heart. His resignation was confirmed by Peter Wirth, the Majority Leader of the Senate who said that early this week, he submitted his resignation before the end of his term. Richard Martinez has referred to the Corona Virus pandemic as a reason for his early resignation from the office.

What Comes Next?

The main question that arises after the stepping down of these two Senators is that will anyone take their places before the next Legislative Session will commence (which is all set to inaugurate from the mid of January in 2021). The County Commissioners have given suggestions for replacing them but because very little time is left for this Legislative Session to come to an end, the Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth is not completely sure whether this procedure will be followed up or not.

For the position of the Legislative Financial Committee Chairman, Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales will probably take over for the remaining time of the year in place of John Arthur Smith because of his sudden decision of retiring.

These decisions were not expected and now, since only a month is left for the commencement of the new Legislative session, Peter Wirth will have to figure out well, whether or not to fill up the two vacated seats for this short interval of time.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus cases are continuously rising in New Mexico and the pandemic is still on with full force. They have implemented the new system of Red to Green in the state to help lower the rate of spread of this disease and bring things back to normal. The economic fallout that each state is facing would be hard to cope with and to reconstruct the economy, it is necessary to curb the spread of the virus.