Getting teacup pigs for another state

Getting Teacup Pigs from a far-off place

If you’re thinking about getting a potbellied pig and want to know the ways to do it right, the best recommendation is to visit a reputed company and ask many questions about it. Keeping a pig is not as easy as it seems. The little teacup piglets are cute creatures having a great intellect and affection for the parent. Pigs are great companions but only for the caregivers. They are clean, non-allergenic and charming animals having a good social bonding with human beings. They roll over for the tummy rubbing and don’t bark like dogs. Having a pet pig is like getting a little baby home. Pigs are intelligent and stubborn animals having a friendly nature. They might become destructive if there is no proper attention given to them. You need to locate a veterinary specialist before bringing the animal home. These pets will be your companions for 12-15 years and some might live longer also.

Pigs become attached to the family members very rapidly and on the same notes, get depressed easily on separation or improper caring. Do your own homework before finalizing your decision for keeping them home. Each city and country have its own zoning laws about pigs and mini pigs are considered to be the most adorable companions.

If you have plans to bring teacup pigs home by cabin or by freight, it is important to check the state and airline laws before deciding the same. On certain aircraft or destinations, it is completely prohibited to transport animals. You can check with the airlines before your trip. There has to be a booking made for transferring the pet from one location to the other. You can contact the customer service team of the airlines and talk to them about your concerns.

Freight Transportation of pet:

The pet can be transported through freight from one state to the another if:

  • The states where it is transported authorizes animal transport by freight
  • There are restrictions for animal weight and the veterinary permission is required for its transportation
  • Specialized travel bag for transporting the pet is available and make sure that the pet remains safe in the freight section of the airplane.

General Regulations

  • The animal must have the certification from a veterinary expert for getting on-board permission. The vaccination list and other documents must be given alongside the pet for the receiver.
  • There should be necessary arrangements made for the hydration and feeding of the pig. It must possess the proper documents as the receiver might get in a problem if the sender doesn’t follow the appropriate rules for transport.
  • Sanitary conditions apply for traveling to some nations. You can check with the regulations well before filling the documents.

Teacup pigs are adorable animals and bringing them home from a good source would be the dream of many pet-loving parents. Make sure that you understand the laws before finalizing your decision to bring the pig home and take care of them like your own little baby.