New Mexico: Covid-19 Cases Continue to Rising

In New Mexico, the total coronavirus cases have now crossed the 100,000 marks and are continuing to rise each day. Each day, the cases are rising and deaths are encountered. The new “Red to Green” framework is formulated so that the cases might reduce and the situation comes under control as soon as possible. In the whole United States, the coronavirus has affected over 13.3 million people leaving more than 266,000 people dead.

The vaccine approval and distribution process are ongoing but the states are taking measures to somehow control the spread of this disease. The Governor of New Mexico has made a statement about the fact that now there are more than 100,000 recorded cases of the novel coronavirus in New Mexico, making this state the 37th state of the United States to cross this mark.

The Statement of the Governor

The Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham has stated in his issued statement that each day he prays for the families whose members are battling with this disease. He also said about the doctors, nurses, and other workers who are selflessly working towards the states and the citizens.

He clearly stated the fact that the pandemic has greatly affected the economy and the time ahead is going to be tough. The winter will be challenging and the state will also have to bear with more serious cases of this virus. In a single day, 40 deaths were encountered and similarly, some more people will lose their lives battling with this illness. He has said that the families are struggling with the grief of losing their loved ones and the state mourns the loss of all the lives lost due to the coronavirus infection.

He also added some positivity towards the end of the statement wherein he stated that they will be able to defeat this deadly virus and build their state back again. The New Mexicans, with their profound qualities of compassion, patience, and kindness will overcome the crucial time that has arisen.

This statement has shown a clear reality as well as given a positive hope to the people that together, they will be able to beat and overcome this situation. It will be hard to rebuild the economy and normalize each and everything disrupted due to the virus.

The state has also enforced the system of Red to Green where the counties have been put up into categories, either Red Level or Yellow Level or Green Level depending upon the number of cases of the coronavirus at that place. All this is done jointly by the New Mexico Department of Health and the Governor of the state so that the cases reduce. This system has put up various restrictions and rules for the individuals depending upon the level of the county in which they reside. These restrictions, if followed as mentioned with complete strictness, will help to reduce the number of cases of coronavirus in the state.