New Oral Fluid Tests in the Southeast Test Sites

In the southeast test sites, the New Mexico Department of Health and Curative has decided to expand their Covid-19 testing partnership so that they can include 10 locations there. There are a total of 6 locations in the whole state that have this provision of the less invasive oral fluid test and now, two such sites will also be there in southeast New Mexico.

The Public Health Offices have already established the sites under them. These sites are providing the nasopharyngeal tests to the people and this is going on since the testing has begun. An exchange between the tests will take place as these tests will be swapped for the Curative tests in Hobbs, Clovis, Lovington, Ruidoso, Ft. Sumner, Carlsbad, Artesia, Roswell, Tucumcari, and Portales. This will happen in the next week.

Specialties of the New Oral Fluid Testing

This technique lessens the risk of the spread of the virus to an extent. These oral swabs are self-collectible and no medical professional is required for the administration of these. The tests also give results faster. Owing to these facts, the staff at the sites of Oral Fluid Testing will mainly comprise of the non-medical employees of the Department of Health.

The Secretary of Health Dr. Tracie Collins about the Curative Partnership

The newly arrived Secretary of Dr. Health Tracie Collins has said that this partnership with the Curative has not only greatly benefit the Department of Health but also the inhabitants of New Mexico. She further stated that this will free up the hard-working employees of the Department of Health and now they will be able to help out the people of New Mexico with various other initiatives related to health such as the administration of the flu shots and in the upcoming times, with the vaccine of the coronavirus.

She hopes to expand the partnership additionally with the Curative and she wishes to do this next week because this will be of great benefit and should be done as early as possible. The tests done via the New Oral Fluid method give faster results to the people and are less risky.

Lance A. Pyle, the manager of Curry County has said that he is thankful to the Department of Health for taking this decision and also how they are working so that the spread of the virus lessens. The testing process is a challenging and frustrating one because the individuals of Curry County have to wait for a long period before they receive the result of their test. This is because the processing of the tests is done in the lab of Santa Fe.

The Curative tests are a much faster and easier way because the tests, at the end of the day, are picked up and then taken to the Curative labs out of the state for processing. This makes the results come faster and the people recover in lesser time because and can resume back to their routine. Similar to the other tests of Covid-19, this test will also be free of cost.