Reopening System in New Mexico as per Covid-19 Cases

In New Mexico, a new three-level operational system is devised I which the counties will function according to the Red to Green framework. There are three levels namely the Red level, the Yellow level, and the Green level. The operations of a county will be based completely based on its capability as to how it satisfies these specified levels mentioned above. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health have jointly brought up this new framework keeping in mind the situation of rapidly rising coronavirus cases in New Mexico and the United States as a whole.

This will begin on the 2nd of December and each Wednesday, the Red to Green dashboard map will be updated. The Department of Health will handle this and update each week accordingly. If the county operates at a higher level than specified or at a lower level than specified, the changes will be made on the map taking into account the situation.

The Level Red

The Red Level category means the risk of infection is very high. Counties will enter the Red Level category when the new coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants will be either 8 or more than that. This would be recorded for two weeks (the most recent). In other words, we can also say that if the average percentage of the Covid-19 positive results recorded during this period exceeds 5%, then that county falls into the Red Level.

The Level Yellow

The Yellow Level category means lesser risk than the Red Level but still, a high risk of infection is there. During the most recent period of two weeks, not more than 8 cases of the coronavirus infection must come up as per 100,000 inhabitants. In the case of Yellow Level, the average percentage of the Covid-19 positive results must be either less than or equal to 5%, i.e., they should not exceed the 5% mark.

The Level Green

The Green Level category lies at medium risk. To fall under this category, a county should have the new cases of Covid-19 recorded during the most recent two-week period, not exceeding 8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Also, the percentage of positive test results of the coronavirus during this time should not cross 5% and remain either lesser than this or equal to this percentage.

The Restrictions According to the Levels

 Each level has its restrictions and as clear from the above notions, the Red Level category has the strictest protocol, in this case, followed by the Yellow Level and the Green Level. The maximum occupancy at public places or other kinds of places (which are allowed to operate) has been limited from 25% to 50% as per the levels. Essential businesses are allowed to operate while there are restrictions imposed on various other types of businesses for the meanwhile, especially in the case of the Red Level. All kinds of businesses in the Green Level are permitted to operate with the strict following of the rules.